The change in allele frequency each generation under natural selection

To solve the equation for the change in allele frequency over one generation due to natural selection, start with

p 2wAA + 2Pqw Aa + qwaa where the allele frequencies p and q are all taken in the same generation so the generation subscripts are dropped. First, put both of the terms over a common denominator so they can be subtracted:

Then notice that a factor of p can be taken from the numerator of the left-hand term of the difference:

Ap = p(pwaa + qwAa) _ p(p2wAA + 2pqwAa + q2waa) (6 27)

p2wAA + 2pqw Aa + q 2waa p2wAA + 2pqwAa + q 'waa which leads to the following (the denominator is hereafter given as w for simplicity):

0 0

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