Mid-parent phenotypic value

Figure 9.11 Parent-offspring regressions used to estimate heritability (h2) under the assumption of strict additivity (a) or complete dominance (b). The resemblance or covariance between the mid-parent phenotypic value and the mean progeny phenotypic value is greater on average with additivity (slope = 1.0) than with dominance (slope = 0.667). The slope of the regression line is equal to the heritability since it measures resemblance of parents and offspring. The mid-parent phenotypic value is the average phenotypic value of two parents that mate and produce progeny. Phenotypic values are given in parentheses next to each genotype. Each dot represents the mean phenotypic value of many progeny that result from a given parental mating. Both panels assume Hardy-Weinberg expected genotype frequencies in the parental populations, allele frequencies of p = q = 0.5, and that V = 0.

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