Let's work through the steps needed to obtain the expected genotypic value of those F2 individuals with a Mj/Mj marker locus genotype. The mean genotypic value is obtained by determining the frequency and the genotypic value of each OTL genotype that is associated with an M1/M1 marker genotype. There are three possible ways to make an M1/M1 marker-locus genotype in an F2 individual: (i) combine two M1O1 coupling gametes, (ii) combine an M1O1 coupling gamete with an M1O2 recombinant gamete, and (iii) combine two M1O2 recombinant gametes. Each of these possible genotypes will have a frequency in the F2 population that is a product of the respective gamete frequencies. Expected F2

genotype frequencies are therefore: (i)

1 - r for the combination of two coupling gametes, (ii)

1 - r for the combination of a coupling and a recombinant gamete, and (iii)

0 0

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