Reliability Index Criteria for Studies in Magnetostratigraphy"

Criterion Brief description

1 Stratigraphie age known at the stage level and associated paleontology presented adequately

2 Sampling localities placed in a measured stratigraphie section

3 Complete thermal or AF demagnetization undertaken and illustrated using Zijderveld diagrams

4 Directions determined from principal component analysis (Kirschvink, 1980)

5 Data published completely as VGP latitudes and/or declination and inclination versus stratigraphie distance plots, together with fully documented statistical parameters

6 Magnetic mineralogy determined

7 Field tests (fold, conglomerate, etc. tests) for the age of magnetization undertaken where possible

8 A positive reversals test determined (McFadden and McElhinny, 1990)

9 Radiometric ages, especially 40Ar/39Ar or U-Pb ages from volcanic ashes or bentonites, available in the stratigraphie section

10 Multiple sections studied

"After Opdyke and Channell (1996)

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