Mid Infrared Instrument MIRI

MIRI will provide imaging and spectroscopy in the wavelength range 5 ^m-27 ^m at an angular resolution of 0.2". The imaging part of the instrument is planned to have a FOV of 90 x 90 and approximately 12 spectral channels across the 5 ^m-28 ^m wavelength range. The spectroscopic part of MIRI is planned to provide medium to high resolution (R ~ 3,000) spectra from 5 ^m to 10 ^m, with the resolving power decreasing to no lower than 1,400 ^m by 20 ^m, with a pixel size of 0.2". The design of this instrument is still under development. MIRI will be invaluable in understanding the chemical evolution of the ISM and accretion process in the early stages of star formation when most of a protostar's emission is in the mid-infrared to far-infrared. The wavelength range also covers many important absorption features in the giant planets' thermal emission spectra, which given the high angular resolution and high sensitivity of JWST should prove to be extremely illuminating.

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