Sun Shade

Figure 7.34. Voyager IRIS instrument. Courtesy of NASA.
Figure 7.35. Voyager IRIS radiance spectra of the giant planets (in units of Wcm 2 sr 1 (cm 1) 1). Averages of all spectra with emission angle less than 20°.

by a simple radiometer utilizing a thermopile detector, while the long wavelength radiation passed to a Michelson interferometer, which recorded the IR spectrum from 180cm-1 to 2,500 cm-1 at a spectral resolution of up to 4.3 cm-1. Both halves of the instruments shared the same 4.4mrad diameter circular FOV, which was boresighted with the ISS camera system. The mean nadir spectra of the giant planets recorded by IRIS are shown in Figures 7.35 and 7.36 and have yielded a great deal of information on the temperature and composition of these planets' atmospheres.

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