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Other Epigenetic Ore Mineralization in Impact Structures

Another trona deposit that has been commercially worked in the past exists in the Tswaing Crater (formerly known as the Pretoria Saltpan) in South Africa (Reimold et al. 1999a). At this small (1.13 km diameter) and young (0.2 Ma) impact crater, trona deposits were worked between the late 19th century and mid-20th century. Mining was first started to provide a product needed in the gold mines of the Witwatersrand basin to neutralize acidic mine waters. In later decades, several companies attempted to produce a pure bicarbonate product for human consumption, but failed, which eventually led to the demise of mining at Tswaing around the mid-1950s. The alkali element concentrations are clearly derived, in this case,

Section The West African kingdoms

Mali reached its apex about 1330, at which time it extended from the Atlantic Ocean to the cities of Timbuktu and Gao on the Niger River. Because of its control of gold fields in West Africa, Mali became very wealthy. One of its kings (Mansu Musa) made a celebrated pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324, impressing the countries he passed through with his enormous wealth. He patronized learning, and by importing Moslem scholars made Timbuktu and Gao centers of Moslem scholarship. Later, Mali declined, and it collapsed about 1550.

Relation to Archean Witwatersrand Gold and Uranium Ore Deposits

Witwatersrand Golden Arc

The Witwatersrand Basin represents the world's richest gold province. Some 40-50 of all the gold ever mined on Earth has been produced from the basin (Robb and Robb 1998), which is roughly an amount of 45 000 to 50 000 tons, at an estimated value of more than 50 billion US at a gold price of US 310 per ounce. The remaining gold reserves of the Witwatersrand Basin are estimated at 45 of the world's known total reserves. Currently mined strata in the northern part of the Witwatersrand Basin generally dip between 15 and 20 degrees south, towards the Vredefort dome. With many mines already operating at mining depths between 2 500 and 4 000 m, it does seem unlikely, though, that much of the remaining resource will be accessible to mining. However, there are distinct extension possibilities to previously and currently mined areas, such as the so-called Argonaut region adjacent to and to the south southwest of the Central Rand goldfield (Fig. 5), and the main mining-houses with large-scale...

Post Impact Ore Mineralization in the Vredefort Witwatersrand Structure

The regional metamorphic grade in the surrounding basin is much lower at greenschist facies level. Detailed petrographic analysis of recent years (Gibson and Reimold 2000, 2001b Gibson et al. 1998, 2001, 2002 Foya 2002) has shown that the Vredefort Dome experienced not one but two post-Archean metamorphic events. The first event is attributed to the 2.06 Ga (Walraven et al. 1990 R.E. Harmer, personal communication to RLG) Bushveld regional magmatic event, during which intraplating of lower- to mid-crustal mafic and ultramafic magmas raised the regional crustal geotherm to ca 40 oC km. The lower greenschist facies metamorphism in the gold fields and in the Central Rand Group of the outer collar of the Dome is also related to this event. The close textural association between the silicate metamorphic minerals, authigenic pyrite and gold in the Witwatersrand reefs suggests that gold was mobile during this event. The second metamorphic event was centered on the Vredefort Dome and...

Other Deposits in and Benefits from Impact Structures

Dellen Impact Structure

Meteorite structures in developing countries, even if they are totally devoid of mineralization, may turn out to be highly profitable with regard to their potential as tourist attractions and suitable as outdoor classrooms - both of which are largely lacking in such countries. The large Popigai structure in Siberia has been suggested for World Heritage Site status, because of its unique combination of world-class geology and impact-diamond deposits, for which the term national treasury has been coined (Deutsch et al. 2000). However, it is understood that this proposal has not been taken further. In contrast, parts of the Vredefort Dome have been earmarked for dedicated eco-tourism development, have already been declared a national conservancy, and an application for World Heritage status - based on a unique combination of geological, cultural (iron age archaeology) and historic (early gold mining in the Ventersdorp gold field as well as AngloBoer War history) heritage - was submitted...

Breed Stories Australian Shepherds

If anything is certain about Australian shepherd origins, it is that no one knows how the name came about, and no one knows all of the kinds of dogs tied into the ancestry of these talented herders. Perhaps the surest thing is that the dogs should be called the United States western ranch dog. Not American, but United States. Let me explain why that matters, especially since most (but far from all) of the ancestors are probably varieties of collie types that emigrated with their people from the British Isles to the East Coast of North America from early colonial times on. The California gold rush and the aftermath of the Civil War are the keys to my regional national story. These epic events made vast swathes of the North American West into part of the United States. I don't want to inherit these violent histories, as Cayenne, Roland, and I run our agility courses and conduct our cross-species family affairs. But, like it or not, flesh-to-flesh and face-to-face, I have inherited these...

Vikas Nanda Fei Xu and Daniel Hsieh Contents

Proteins are malleable molecules and tolerate many mutations with marginal effects on structure and function. A limited number of three-dimensional folds are recycled repeatedly for different functions. This malleability results from surviving hundreds of millions of years of mutation and recombination. Natural proteins thus provide a gold mine of starting materials for those interested in modifying proteins to suit their needs. Unlike nature, however, protein engineers try to evolve molecules on a much shorter time scale. To that end, combinatorial gene synthesis and in vitro evolution methods (Stemmer 1994 Giver et al. 1998) have been developed to accelerate the mutation and selection process with impressive results. Rational protein engineering is another approach that applies our knowledge of intermolecular forces and protein structure toward the identification of mutations that confer the desired properties on a target protein (Marshall et al. 2003). Computation automates much of...

Fruit Organidentity Genes Subdivide the Carpel into Distinct Regions

Following his illustrious graduate career, Yanofsky joined the budding Meyerowitz plant group and began his work on cloning the first floral homeotic gene, agamous, in the experimental mustard plant Arabidopsis thaliana. He recalls feeling very fortunate to be at the right place at the right time to do these exciting experiments. I was lucky to have been part of the Meyerowitz lab during the early studies on flower development, a lab I consider to be one of the best in the world. We had been working on the fantasy that most of these key regulatory genes would be members of a multigene family, and that if we could just get our hands on one of them we'd quickly get the rest. Soon after we cloned agamous, we showed that it was indeed part of an extended gene family (the MADS box family of transcription factors), and I was convinced that we had found our gold mine. I think it's fair to say that I've spent the past ten years mining that gold and I think we've only scratched the surface.

Energy Generation and Transport

Experiments, so there was considerable effort to develop experiments that can detect them. Subsequent processes produce higher-energy neutrinos that were detected in an experiment designed by the American scientist Raymond Davis (for which he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002) and carried out in the 1970s deep in the Homestake gold mine in Lead, S.D., U.S. The number of these higher-energy neutrinos observed was far smaller than would be expected from the known energy-generation rate, but experiments established that these neutrinos did in fact come from the Sun. One possible reason for the small number detected was that the presumed rates of the subordinate process are not correct. Another more intriguing possibility was that the neutrinos produced in the core of the Sun interact with the vast solar mass and change to a different kind of neutrino that cannot be observed. The existence of such a process would have great significance for nuclear theory, for it requires a small...

The Setting of Pseudotachylitic Breccia in Impact Craters


The massive Sudbury Breccia occurs, apparently somewhat enriched in annular zones (Thompson and Spray 1994 Spray and Thompson 1995), within the Archean gneiss of the basement to the Sudbury Igneous Complex. Preferential enrichment of pseudotachylitic breccia around the Vredefort Dome has also been discussed, but is likely a result of limited knowledge of spatial distribution of such breccia in the region of the Witwatersrand Basin -due to the fact that most relevant information has come from the gold-mining districts that straddle a semi-annular zone around the Vredefort Dome where mining is possible at acceptable depths and where, thus, intersections of major, basin-wide fault zones (Fletcher and Reimold 1989 Killick and Reimold 1990 Killick et al. 1988 Killick 1993) could be investigated. Fig. 8. (Previous page ) Four examples of pseudotachylitic breccia in, or associated with, Ventersdorp Contact reef (small-pebble conglomerate) from Elandsrand Gold Mine, ca. 70 km north-northwest...

Early Recognition of Dinosaur Fossils

Probably the most intriguing potential reference to dinosaurs in folklore is the griffin, a legendary animal of central Asia. The griffin was said to have the body of a lion, a parrot-like beak, and a pair of wings, and its purpose was to protect its nests of gold. One scholar showed that the geographic range of this legend included the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, where abundant remains of Protoceratops, a lion-sized Late Cretaceous ceratopsian with a beak (Chapter 13), are near ancient gold mines. Of course, no wings have ever been found in association with a Protoceratops, indicating that, if these dinosaurs were their inspiration, the legend-makers embellished their story (a common practice even in modern societies).

Mount Shasta

Lucin Larkin, director of the Mount Lowe Observatory, had seen the temple of the mystic village while examining the area through his telescope. He also notes that at one time a delegate from the mystic village had visited San Francisco and that tall, white-robed, gray-haired, barefoot saints had been seen on the highways and in the streets throughout the area, occasionally even shopping in local stores, paying for their purchases with gold nuggets. Eyewitnesses have also reported strange boats that sail upon the Pacific Ocean only to fly through the air to the mountain. Lewis' John Flinn noted in the San Francisco Chronicle (August 1, 2004) that, when asked by a reporter in 1941 to name the real place most like the fictional Shangri La, Hilton named Weaverville, California. Weaverville is located at the base of Mount Shasta, a gold rush town of the mid-nineteenth century. According to Flinn, Hilton's claim is not as strange as it sounds because Weaverville is the home of the Taoist...

Thermal Metamorphism

Between 3.2 and 3.07 Ga (Hart et al. 1999 Moser et al. 2001 Gibson and Reimold 2001b Lana et al. 2003a-d). The next metamorphic stage in the evolution of this terrane was a thermal metamorphic overprint that has been described by a number of workers (e.g., Phillips and Law 2000, and references therein) from the Witwatersrand conglomerates. It is characterised by a mineral assemblage characteristic of lower greenschist facies metamorphism, with chloritoid as indicator mineral, corresponding to maximum thermal conditions of about 350 oC. Some researchers have speculated whether this event could be related to Ventersdorp magmatism at 2.7 Ga (Barnicoat et al. 1997), Transvaal basin development at 2.15-2.6 Ga (e.g., Robb et al. 1997), or to the Bushveld magmatic event at 2.06 Ga, prior to the impact event (Gibson and Wallmach 1995 Frimmel 1997a,b Robb et al. 1997). Gibson and Wallmach (1995) and Stevens et al. (1997) discussed whether the pre-impact peak metamorphic grade was reached due...

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