Total 4.033 X 10~4

Total 4.033 X 10~4

galactic center and in globular clusters; they are lower near the galactic rim.

From Table 11, it may be seen that the suitable mass range, 0.35 to 1.43 solar masses, embraces all main-sequence stars in the spectral class range from approximately M2 to F2. The estimated numbers of stars in each spectral class (per cubic parsec* of space) are given. It is clear that the prevalence of stars in a given mass range is a strong function of mass, the less massive stars being the most abundant and the very massive stars being quite rare. This is brought out more strikingly in Table 12.

Table 12. Relative Abundances of the Classes of Main-sequence Stars

Spectral Approximate mass Main sequence class relation to Sun (per cent)®


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