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Arousal Emotion and Feeling

Another controversial point, according to Damasio (1994, p. 131), is James' claim that we do no need to 'evaluate' the significance of the stimuli in order for the reaction to occur. This holds true for some primary or basic emotions that human beings experience early in life, and for which a Jamesian pre-organised mechanism would suffice. They are easy to define - their listing embraces fear, anger, disgust, surprise, sadness, and happiness - and reflect the basically innate neural machinery that is required to generate somatic states in response to certain classes of stimuli. As such, they are inherently biased to process signals and to pair them with adaptive somatic responses with the processing proceeding in a preor-ganised fashion, which relies on wired-in dispositions to respond with an emotional reaction when certain features of stimuli in the world or in our bodies are perceived. The question, then, arises which musical emotions can readily be distinguished as proper and...

Weighing the Words of Others on Gold Scales

how delightful it is for me to have whatever remains of my life, and how much less heavier than usual will death be at whatever moment it overtakes me I will live most happy, the hope, up to now altogether buried, being revived to see the most unusual studies recalled from their long exile and I will die content, having been alive at the most glorious success of the most loved and revered master that I had in the world, so that I would not be able to hope for nor desire other equal happiness. 51

Drawing Close to a Court

It was to be Grand Duke Ferdinando's final glittering show. In January 1609 Galileo got a letter in Padua from the Grand Duchess Christina requesting him to cast a horoscope for Ferdinando, as he had become seriously ill. Obediently, Galileo gazed into the stars but without his usual perspicacity for, despite predicting many years' of happy life for the great man, Ferdinando died a mere three weeks later.

The Antediluvian World

That it was the true Antediluvian world the Garden of Eden the Gardens of the Hesperides the Elysian Fields the Gardens of Alcinous the Mesomphalos the Olympos the Asgard of the traditions of the ancient nations representing a universal memory of a great land, where early mankind dwelt for ages in peace and happiness.

Notes On Iq

You'll frequently hear that we don't really know what intelligence is, that we don't know how to measure it, that IQtests are biased, and that IQ scores don't predict anything, or that they don't predict anything outside of school. Often these complaints are salted with personal anecdotes about some acquaintance that had a high IQscore but was lazy, crazy, or suffered from unforgivable personal hygiene. And in recent years, other forms of intelligence have become all the rage. Daniel Gole-man has written of emotional intelligence and social intelligence, pointing out how they can help to predict job success and personal happiness. And other forms of intelligence have been proposed. In his 1993 book, Howard Gardner suggested that there are many types.28 But the data hardly support these attempts to complexify cognitive testing. The supposed special kinds of intelligence don't predict anything useful or, when they

Mission Extended

Very little of the research conducted on USMP-3 could have been done without the ability of the ground to command 'their' experiments via telescience and, in total, more than 2,300 instructions were transmitted to Columbia during the two-week mission. ''I couldn't be happier. The science we've obtained is fundamental to a lot of processes that are very important to all of us,'' Curreri concluded as the flight drew to a close.

Rodent Studies

Still more investigations focused on changes in the muscles and bones of 74 male rats (Rattus norvegicus), 28 of which actually flew on Columbia, while another 45 served as ground-based 'control' specimens. Originally, 29 rats were supposed to fly, but a clogged water line in one of the cages failed early on 5 June, just a few hours before launch, and so it was flown 'empty'. ''I assume he's having a happy life now,'' Test Director Mike Leinbach said of the sole rat dropped from the mission.

Bone To His Bone

Whole Form Pterodactyl Bones

In addition to the true fliers - birds, bats, pterosaurs and insects - lots of other animals glide a habit that might tell us something about the origins of true flight. They have gliding membranes, which need skeletal support but it doesn't have to come from the finger bones as it does in the wings of bats and pterosaurs. Flying squirrels (two independent groups of rodents), and flying phalangers (Australian marsupials, looking almost exactly like flying squirrels but not closely related) stretch a membrane of skin between the arms and the legs. Individual fingers are not required to bear much load, and they are not enlarged. I, with my little-finger neurosis, would be happier as a flying squirrel than as a pterodactyl,

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