Online Resources

A number of websites and blogs carry accurate information and are updated frequently. Produced by the Museum of Paleontology at the University of California-Berkeley, this is one of the best online resources on paleontology and evolution. It is continuously updated and revised. This is Carl Zimmer's blog, a well-written, timely, and thoughtful source of information and discussion on evolution. P. Z. Myers, a professor of developmental biology, writes this accessible, informative, and cutting-edge blog. This is a rich source of information, well worth following.

Both Zimmer's and Myers's blogs are at, a site that contains a number of excellent blogs also worth following for information and commentary on recent discoveries. Blogs relevant to the theme of this book at that site include Afarensis, Tetrapod Zoology, Evolving Thoughts, and Gene Expression. The Tree of Life Project provides a regularly updated and authoritative treatment of the relationships among all groups of life. Like the UCMP page at Berkeley, it also includes resources for learning about how evolutionary trees are made and interpreted.

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