We want to thank all our colleagues, mentors, students, and friends who have contributed to our thought-processes on human evolution. Some are no longer with us: John Napier, Vratja Mazak, Peter Whybrow, Allan Wilson. Most are still around, and bickering in a very lively fashion: Peter Andrews, Debbie Argue, Ray Bernor, Peter Brown, David Bulbeck, Judith Caton, Ron Clarke, Denise Donlon, Peter Grubb, Vu The Long, Maciej Henneberg, Jacob Hogarth, Bill Howells, Jean-Jaques Hublin, Dan Lieberman, Theya Molson, Charles Oxnard, Rajeev Patnaik, David Pilbeam, Brett Still, Chris Stringer, Phillip Tobias, Alan Thorne, Peter Ungar, Alan Walker, Michael Westaway, Milford Wolpoff, Benard Wood, Wu Xinzhi. We also thank Troy Lilly and Kelly Sonnack at Elsevier, whose nurturing actions have been above and beyond the call of duty.

We thank, but do not blame them. We finally thank each other, for putting up with each other's foibles, pig-headedness and exasperating habits.

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