Digastric Muscle Insertion

The digastric fossa is the site of origin for the digastric muscle. This muscle is responsible for raising the hyoid bone as well as the opening action of the mandible (Aiello & Dean, 1990). As such, it is of functional significance, especially in terms of the masticatory apparatus. A broad and shallow fossa is observed in Pongo (which is very broad), Gorilla, Pan, Praeanthropus, Australopithecus, and P boisei (= 0). A deep and narrow notch is observed in Ardipithecus, K. platyops, P. robustus, H. habilis, and H. sapiens (= 1). The condition for K. platyops is taken from M.G. Leakey et al. (2001), who describe the digastric fossa in the temporal bone specimen KNM-WT 40001 as being well developed, deep, and narrow.

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