Glabella Development

Dryopithecus (Begun, 1992, 1994; Kordos & Begun, 1997) and Pan both have limited or intermediate inflation of their glabella (= 0). While Brunet et al. (2002) state that glabella in Sahelanthropus is present, they give no description. Thus, this feature cannot be coded for this genus with any degree of certainty. Graecopithecus (de Bonis et al., 1990; de Bonis & Koufos, 1993) has a sunken glabella (= 1), while glabella in Pongo cannot be defined (= 2). Gorilla, species within Paranthropus, and K. rudolfensis are defined by an inflated glabella (= 3) (Wood & Chamberlain, 1986; Chamberlain & Wood, 1987). Praeanthropus (Kimbel et al., 1994), Australopithecus (Rak, 1983), the "garhi group" (Asfaw et al., 1999),

H. habilis (Tobias, 1991), H. ergaster, and H. sapiens (Schwartz & Tattersall, 2002) have a broad but uninflated glabella region (= 4). Given the degree of variability of this feature, including within the outgroup, this character remains unordered in all analyses.

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