conventional assessments, within differing genera) are present, as their degree of metric and non-metric anatomical variability are both beyond the species range observed in the species of Pan.

We suggest that the complexity we see in the evolution of the human lineage, and the rest of the vertebrates and invertebrates for that matter, is real and cannot be wished away by those seeking to short-circuit the well-documented burgeoning diversity of the natural world. They have produced a model which is not only unworkable for practicing paleoan-thropologists, but is also tautological in its construction.

Those proposing an African origin for modern humans argue that, after the original human dispersion from Africa around 1.8 million years ago, a number of populations settled within specific regions and followed their own evolutionary course. This eventually resulted in the evolution of modern human populations in Africa around 250,000-150,000 years ago

Australoid Mongoloid Caucasoid Negroid

Ngandong Dali Neanderthal Omo

Sangiran Zhoukoudian Petralona Kabwe

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