Infraorbital Foramenina Location

This character is likely of developmental interest in terms of its inferior migration and implications for differential patterns in the hominin capsular system. Three states are recognized. The infraorbital foramen is located within the top 50% of the malar (= 0), observed in Pongo, Gorilla, Pan, Praeanthropus, H. habilis, H. ergaster, and H. sapiens. Also, Andrews & Walker (1976) suggest that the infraorbital foramen in Kenyapithecus specimen KNM-FT 46 must have been high set, given that it, and its resulting inferior furrow, are not present in its preserved parts. Next is a variable state; that is, the foramen may be located within the top or bottom 50% of the malar (= 1), as observed in specimens of Australopithecus and P. boisei (Strait & Grine, 2001). The third condition is where the foramen is located inferiorly within the bottom half of the malar (= 2), as observed in P. walkeri and P. robustus.

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    Where is the infraorbital located?
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