Male Canine Size

A robust dagger-like canine (= 0) is observed in Kenyapithecus (Pickford, 1985), Dryopithecus (Begun, 1994a; Cameron, 1997a), Graecopithecus (Kelley, 2002), Pongo, Gorilla, and Pan. The intermediate condition (= 1), between states 0 and 2, is observed in Sahelanthropus (Brunet et al., 2002), Ardipithecus, members of the "anamensis group," Praeanthropus, K. platyops, Australopithecus, the "garhi group," K. rudolfensis, and H. habilis. The preserved canine roots in P. walkeri specimen KNM-WT 17000 suggest that it was within the intermediate range. An absolutely reduced male canine (= 3) is observed in P. boisei, P. robustus, H. ergaster, and H. sapiens.

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