Position of Anterior Zygomatic Relative to Upper Dentition

The first is defined by the zygomatic insertion being at the M1/M2 junction (= 0) and is usually observed in specimens of Gorilla. Insertion at the M1 (= 1) is observed in Kenyapithecus (L.S.B. Leakey, 1962; McCrossin & Benefit, 1997; Cameron, 1998), Dryopithecus (Cameron, 1995), Graecopithecus (de Bonis & Koufos, 1993), the "anamensis group" (C.V. Ward et al., 2001), H. habilis, (Tobias, 1991), H. ergaster (B.A. Wood, 1991), Pongo, Pan, and H. sapiens. Insertion at the P4/M1 junction (= 2) is observed in Praeanthropus (Kimbel et al., 1994), Australopithecus, the "garhi group" (Asfaw et al., 1999), and K. rudolfensis defined by KNM-ER 1470 (B.A. Wood, 1991). Insertion at the P4 or anterior to it (= 3) is observed in Kenyanthropus (M.G. Leakey et al., 2001) and species of Paranthropus (Tobias, 1967; B.A. Wood, 1991). While no information is supplied by Brunet et al. (2002) for this feature in Sahelanthropus, their Figure 1 indicates that it is anterior to the molar complex; thus, it is considered as being at P4.

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