Discover The Secret Of Immortality

Discover The Secret Of Immotality

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Immortal For A While

The idea of immortality, I've noticed, is troubling. People are quick to reject the notion. A group of academics at a philosophy of astrobiol-ogy discussion group at the University of Colorado once gave me a hard time about this. The topic was SETI. When I argued that we should consider a definition of intelligence qualitatively different from our own one that might indeed be immortal they practically shouted me To me, it seems inevitable that in our vast universe at least a tiny fraction of species will escape self-destruction, attain great understanding of nature, and learn how to avoid natural disasters. The combination will make them immortal. When we reflexively dismiss immortality as a pipe dream, we are being unduly influenced by our limited experience, and the narrow species-level picture of evolution we were taught in high school. It's true that species come and go. But, forget about species. On the molecular level, the immortality of Earth's DNA is a fact of our existence....

The Immortals

At this point, Drake flatly asserted that any extraterrestrial intelligences we contact are likely to be immortal. Immortals are not rare, Drake declared. They may even be very common in the universe. Drake's idea of immortality was more material than spiritual. He envisioned the elimination of the aging process and the transfer of memory from older to younger brains or to the brains of clones. Drake imagined that aliens lived in a medical utopia, a society forever free of disease. Drake believed that in the future humans will acquire physical immortality. Just as nuclear energy and radio telescopes are inevitable in the development of technological civilization, so is immortality inevitable in the biological realm. Contemporary medical researchers, who cured polio and other malignant diseases, were equipped to put humanity on the road to immortality. Modern medical researchers discredit Drake's utopian idea of a disease-free world. They argue that there are not a fixed number of...

Evolution Of Senescence

Let us start with a population of ageless individuals who show no senescence over their entire lifetime. Being ageless is not the same as being immortal. Individuals who do not age still can die through accidents, predation, disease, and so on. They are ageless in the sense that the chances of dying in an interval of time do not depend upon their age. Let d be the probability of an individual dying in a unit of time. We regard d as being independent of age and a constant throughout the entire lifetime, reflecting the ageless phenotype of the individual. The individual is also regarded as being ageless with respect to reproduction by letting mb, the probability of having mated times the expected number of offspring in a time unit, also be independent of age and a constant throughout the entire lifetime. Given these ageless parameters, the probability of an individual living to age x is

Evolutionary Theodicy

Parasites probably cause even more suffering than predators, and understanding their evolutionary rationale adds to, rather than mitigates, the sense of futility we experience when we contemplate it. I fulminate against it every time I get a cold (I have one now, as it happens). Maybe it is only a minor inconvenience, but it is so pointless At least if you are eaten by an anaconda you can feel that you have contributed to the well-being of one of the lords of life. When you are eaten by a tiger, perhaps your last thought could be, What immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symmetry (In what distant deeps or skies, burnt the fire of thine eyes ) But a virus A virus has pointless futility written into its very DNA

Towards a theology of evolution

That biology can be co-opted for agendas, if not ideologies, that promise an ever-more-perfect future, albeit across piles of corpses, is evident from the lunacies adopted by totalitarian states. Such madness is, of course, a thing of the past - or is it Now new distortions beckon, not least those to be allowed by assigning a protean malleability to life as engendered by genuflection to the primacy of the gene. Now the gene is all-powerful. Susan Oyama37 describes genes as 'molecular agencies that are immortal, omnipotent, omniscient, and even immaterial'.38 In a related vein, Peter Koslowski's39 critique of this view, as it has been offered by Dawkins, defines an approach that 'concedes a faculty for aspiration, intentionality and consciousness to the genes. In doing so, he Dawkins falls into a genetic animism, which apportions perception and decision to the genes and oversubscribes by far to the efficiency and the speed of Darwinian selection mechanisms.'40

Chapter You Did It Yourself In Nine Months

God, to repeat this important point, which ought to be obvious but isn't, never made a tiny wing in his eternal life. If he made anything (he didn't in my view, but let it pass, that's not what I'm about here), what he made was an embryological recipe, or something like a computer program for controlling the embryonic development of a tiny wing (plus lots of other things too). Of course, God might claim that it is just as clever, just as breathtaking a feat of skill, to design a recipe or a program for a wing, as to make a wing. But for the moment, I just want to develop the distinction between making something like a wing, and what really happens in embryology.

Space Exploration as a Human Enterprise III The Historical Interest

Harold Urey has perceptively referred to the space program as a kind of contemporary pyramid-building. Seen in the context of Pharaonic Egypt, the analogy seems particularly apt, for the pyramids were an attempt to deal with problems of cosmology and immortality. In the long historical perspective, this is precisely what the space program is about. The footprints left by astronauts on the Moon will survive a million years, and the miscellaneous instruments and packing cases left there may last as long as the Sun.

Welcome To The Machine

Many futurologists have predicted that we will evolve into machine-human hybrids with our consciousness intact or even enhanced. Some feel that this transition might come within the next century. Variations on this theme range from Bill Joy-type doomsday scenarios to utopian visions of uploading our memories and thoughts into an immortal, pain-free machine state and building for ourselves any bodies we choose. The biological stage may be a mere precursor to what technologist Ray Kurzweil calls the age of spiritual machines. tient organisms who have evolved radio dishes for sensory and communicative organs and computers for memories and minds, as we ourselves may now be doing. Even if we meet the aliens in person, will we be able to tell if they are machine or organism Will we be able to differentiate individuals from tightly knit, machine-enabled communities These puzzles give us reason to question our cozy categories. Notice that when I've written about the immortals, I haven't said...


It is clearly evident that hESCs in culture sparks the activation of a number of signaling pathways, which seem to exert either independent or cooperative control to maintain its core stability and self renewal. Not surprisingly, cell cycle regulation appears well-defined, coupled with the presence of high levels of DNA repair enzymes and telomerase activity. Some of these mechanisms may facilitate hESCs to bypass senescence, although most of these pathways appear to be different from cancer cells and adult stem cells. Further, hESCs seem to maintain a unique genomic and epigenomic signature along with its mitochondrial DNA being stable over long term culture. These adjustments made by the hES cells suggest that these pathways contribute to sustain prolonged self renewal thus facilitating them to escape senescence and become immortal. However, it is noteworthy that the increasing trend of adopting feeder-free protocols with defined medium to grow hESC lines, may evoke different...

The Atlas system

This requirement of 'recognition' leads to some interesting features. For example, Hawaii is an important current feature of the Pacific map. However, Hawaii only came into existence relatively recently. Yet, if one traces the evolution of the Pacific back to 600 Ma, the island is still shown on the map. The position of 'Hawaii' 600 Ma ago merely marks the position which the current Hawaii would have occupied, had it existed 600 Ma ago. Hence, one can use the position of Hawaii (and 'Hawaii') back through time to shown how the plates migrated, which makes the 'immortal Hawaii' a positive advantage.

Vril And Its Uses

The Immortals of the Subterranean Kingdoms of Light, Agartha, are NOW announcing its reality to Surface Dwellers of the Agarthian lineage. It is a synchronizer of the high frequency of energy-light, once activated in the inner space of self-originated consciousness, this energy is revealed through the act of practice, connecting simultaneously with the inner door, opening one's own inner and multidimensional reality to the external dimensional doors, which opens the space-temporal gates between the real world and the virtual one. Connecting One to the VRIL power, the hidden energy and awareness of Immortality. (http

Once Proud Wings

The bodies of whales and sirenians abound in historical relics that we notice because they live in a very different environment from their land-dwelling ancestors. A similar principle applies to birds that have lost the habit and equipment of flight. Not all birds fly, but all birds carry at least relics of the apparatus of flight. Ostriches and emus are fast runners that never fly, but they have stubs of wings as a legacy from remote flying ancestors. Ostrich wing stubs, moreover, have not completely lost their usefulness. Although much too small to fly with, they seem to have some sort of balancing and steering role in running, and they enter into social and sexual displays. Kiwi wings are too small to be seen outside the bird's fine coat of feathers, but vestiges of wing bones are there. Moas lost their wings entirely. Their home country of New Zealand, by the way, has more than its fair share of flightless birds, probably because the absence of mammals left wide open niches to be...

On Human Nature

The connection between the evolution of intelligence and the pain of childbirth seems unexpectedly to be made in the Book of Genesis. In punishment for eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, God says to Eve,* In pain shalt thou bring forth children (Genesis 3 16). It is interesting that it is not the getting of any sort of knowledge that God has forbidden, but, specifically, the knowledge of the difference between good and evil-that is, abstract and moral judgments, which, if they reside anywhere, reside in the neocortex. Even at the time that the Eden story was written, the development of cognitive skills was seen as endowing man with godlike powers and awesome responsibilities. God says Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the Tree of Life, and eat, and live forever (Genesis 3 22), he must be driven out of the Garden. God places cherubim with a flaming sword east of Eden to guard...


*Nerd alert Do not read the following unless you are a certified nerd, and don't say I didn't warn you. Suppose the fraction of living worlds that develop immortal noospheres increases as the inverse of the nearest-neighbor distance to an immortal (the closer a good role model, teacher, or guardian angel). Then Fic will be proportional to 1 over k (where k is the mean free path between immortals). So FIC is proportional to the total number of civilizations. Therefore dN dt is proportional to N, so the equation for the number of immortals as a function of time (t) looks like N Cekt. They increase exponentially. Why do we laugh Percival Lowell's wish-fulfillment discoveries, which embarrassed planetary astronomy, were of giant engineering works on Mars. Searching directly for alien artifacts, whether they be probes (Von Neumann machines) in our own solar system or distant, giant works of astroengineering, has a logical justification that arguably is no more or less secure than the...

Superior Beings

Once again Aristotelian philosophy and Christian theology found common ground. Christians populated the celestial regions with God, the saints, angelic beings of varying ranks, and the souls of the dead (Fig. 1.3). These immortal celestial beings were superior to mortals, who inhabited the inferior terrestrial realm.

Teslas death ray

On the centenary of his birth in 1956 he was honoured by scientists when they named a unit for measuring magnetism (the SI unit of magnetic flux density, the tesla) after him. This 'nominal immortality' has placed him in the company of Amp re, Volta, Ohm, Gilbert, Henry, Faraday and Hertz, great scientists who have all had electromagnetic units named after them. Five decades after receiving recognition from his peers, he has now also been given 'cyberspace immortality' from adoring fans in countless web pages of biographies, essays, 'my science hero' projects, online museums, discussion groups, and so on. If the number of web pages can be considered a measure of public popularity, Tesla is now catching up with Marconi but is still a long way away from Edison - two contemporary inventors who have become legends. A surf through Tesla web pages gives the impression that the enigmatic inventor has become a cult hero and has found a place in the hearts of the fans of UFOs, free-energy...

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