The Duobblon structure is located in northern Sweden, at 65°35'N and 17°10' E, near the Scandinavian mountain range in the county of Vasterbotten (Fig. 1). The Duobblon area has been geologically mapped (Einars-son 1979) and investigated in detail, as part of a uranium exploration campaign by the Geological Survey of Sweden in 1974-1979 (Lindroos and

Fig. 1. The Duobblon structural sequence can be followed for 30 km in an approximately E-W direction, with a gentle dip (about 20o) to the north.

Smellie 1979). Wickman (1988) proposed that the supracrustal rocks form part of an impact-generated rock sequence, on the basis of the similarity of the stratigraphy found in other impact structures. In 1997, the author had the opportunity, on behalf of North Atlantic Natural Resources, to investigate the formation to follow up on the suggestion by Wickman.

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