Fig. 2. Two-component rock samples after shock (Kenkmann et al. 2000), displayed after cutting the container in half. Top to bottom: vertical, horizontal, and inclined interface between quartzite and dunite. Width of the rock samples after experiment: ~17-19 mm. Note that the original sample width before shock compression was 15 mm, the original height was 10 mm. The original geometry is shown in the sketches at the left. Shear displacement at the inclined interface is 1.3 mm.

Fig. 3. Microscopic close up of inclined dunite-quartzite interface after shock experiment (Kenkmann 2000). The interface is lubricated with melt, which has intruded into cracks, dominantly of the quartzite section. The network of vesicular melt resembles natural pseudotachylite veins.

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