Tectonic Structures

On a detailed scale NNE and NW striking faults displace the Duobblon Structure (Fig. 1 and 3). On the regional scale a NNE shear zone is cutting the structure towards the southeast (Fig 6). The Caledonian Front covers the structure towards the west (Fig. 1), and might have caused repetitions

Fig. 6. Lineaments interpreted from aeromagnetic measurements and two possible interpreted sizes of the structure. The exposed part of the Duobblon structure is marked with gray shading.

of individual sections by thrust movements, although this has not been verified. Several kilometres of autochthonous Palaeozoic sediments and thrust units of the Caledonian Orogeny may have covered the structure but were subsequently removed due to erosion. This has contributed to the lithification of the various rock units.

The continuation of the Duobblon structure towards the E to ENE is not well established. On the geological map the structure continues about 10 km East of Lake Vindeln (Fig. 1), where it disappears in a granite terrain, and terminates against faults striking NNW-SSE (Fig. 6).

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