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Ancient Secrets of Kings

This book gives you an amazing way to improve your life; you will be able to learn the secrets that the ancient kings and queens lived to improve their lives and live life on the terms that they wanted to. This book studies the most successful people in all of history, and gives you a way to learn from them to create an amazing life of your own, in the same way that the kings and queens once did! You will learn in three steps how to do more than just make a lot of money; you will be able to make a name for yourself that lasts through history that lasts past your lifetime. You will also be able to capture the youthful energy that the greatest rulers in history had in abundance All that it takes is a different look at history to create the same kind of life for yourself! Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

All the testing and user reviews show that Ancient Secrets of Kings is definitely legit and highly recommended.

Roadmap To Genius Improve Intelligence & Iq

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Genius Brain Power MP3 Audio Package

Over Thirty brainwave entrainment tracks, totaling over 20 hours of the most powerful, effective brainwave entrainment technology on earth, so that you can entrain for any scenario or result that you desire. Module 1: IQ Increase. These IQ increase tracks energize your brain, giving it a stimulating work out to increase your mental processing speed and promote new dendrite and synapse growth, so that you can become progressively smarter day after day. You can listen to these IQ boosting recordings at any time with your eyes open while you are working, running errands, commuting to and from work, etc, so you never have to sacrifice any time during your day to exercise your brain. Module 2: Laser Focus & Creative Ambition. Your next Genius Brain Power module consists of two tracks that help you have Laser Focus and Creative Ambition so that you can come up with new ideas to solve challenges or simply have 100% focus on whatever task is in front of you to complete. You can use these tracks with your eyes open while you work, just like with the IQ Increase tracks, so you can be incredibly productive while entraining your brain for maximum power. Module 3: Easy Relaxation & Alpha Light Meditation. Next you will move into realms of deep relaxation and meditation. If the meditation doesnt interest you, thats ok. You can still experience total relaxation and stress relief from these tracks so that you can feel refreshed and regenerated after a busy day. Your first set of relaxation & meditation tracks in Genius Brain Power are called Easy Relaxation & Light Alpha Meditation. Read more here...

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HighIqpro IQ Increase Neuroplasticity Software

High IQ Pro is is the only proven intelligence & IQ increasing software available in 40 years of research. It uses a stimulating brain training exercise to target your brains neural plasticity to achieve widespread cognitive benefits within only 20 days, 1/2 hour per day: 40% increase in intelligence & problem solving ability. 65% increase in short term memory. 10-20 point IQ increase on a valid IQ test. Read more here...

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Neuroactiv6 Brain and Energy Support Supplement

NeuroActiv-6 has been specifically designed to include polyphenolic, nootropic and bioactive active compounds that promote a healthy inflammatory response, reduce oxidative stress and support healthy levels of cortisol, increase BDNF levels and promote neural communication. Allowing the neurons to talk to each other more effectively. Better yet, instead of having to take multiple pills and supplements daily to get the same result,the product take the scientifically proven doses and put them into a complete, healthy and tasty beverage mix.It accounts for only 2% of your body weight and consumes about 20% of the energy of your body at rest. This means that the human brain needs lots of nutrition to stay alert and focused throughout the day. Most of this energy is used to power the electrical impulses that neurons use to communicate with each other. As they get older (due to excessive inflammation, toxins, and stress),neuro-nutrients play an even greater role in the proper functioning of the brain. To simplify what is happening here, we could say that the old neurons (like some long-married couples) do not talk anymore some communications are lost. These deficits in neuronal communication lead, in turn, to a decrease in motor and cognitive abilities. Read more here...

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Big Brains And Intelligence

Within species, brain sizes vary and the correlation between brain size and intelligence does not hold. A person with a brain size on the lower end of the spectrum of variation is not necessarily any less intelligent than a person with the largest brain in the world. Measuring intelligence is also problematic. For example, intelligence quotient (IQ) tests applied to humans can only measure specific aspects of higher brain function, not the whole phenomenon. Physical intelligence, like the massive and complex neural coordination it takes to throw a baseball at 96 miles per hour into a catcher's mitt, is completely ignored by standard tests of intelligence.


But it was in America that intelligence testing turned really nasty. H. H. Goddard took an intelligence test invented by the Frenchman Alfred Binet and applied it to Americans and would-be Americans, concluding with absurd ease that not only were many immigrants to America 'morons', but that they could be identified as such at a glance by trained observers. His IQ tests were ridiculously subjective and biased towards middle-class or western cultural values. How many Polish Jews knew that tennis courts had nets in the middle He was in no doubt that intelligence was innate 3 'the consequent grade of intellectual or mental level for each individual is determined by the kind of chromosomes that come together with the union of the germ cells that it is but little affected by any later influences except such serious accidents as may destroy part of the mechanism.' immigrants as they arrived at Ellis Island and was followed by others with even more extreme views. Robert Yerkes persuaded the...

What Is Intelligence

When biologists try to measure the intelligence of animals, they face an almost impossible task. Measuring the IQ of humans in a non-culturally biased way is difficult enough. But if tests on humans are biased, how can we possibly test the intelligence of different animal species How can we factor out the differences in perceptual ability, manipulative ability, temperament, social behavior, motivation and all the other variations between species Does a monkey fail to complete a maze because it is brainless or because it is bored If a cat fails to press a lever that produces a food reward, should we conclude that the cat is stupid or is simply not hungry Does a rat fail an intelligence test because it is dense, or because the test demanded visual discrimination (at which rats are poor) rather than discrimination between smells (at which rats excel) These sorts of questions make it exceptionally difficult to be sure that we are testing an animal's cognitive ability.

Brain Gain

Brain Gain

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