Short Communications

Comparison of Method and Season of Application for Control of the Invasive Tree Species Ailanthus Altissima in Virginia, USA T.S. Fredericksen, M. Thurman, J.D. Fiore and D. Evans

Drowning in the Sand: Invasion by Foraminifera

Mehmet Baki Yokeq and Engin Merig

Analysis of Regeneration of Coexisting Introduced versus Native

Species of Pine in the Canary Islands

Research and Review Chapters

Chapter 1 Spartina Alterniflora: A Review of Its Status, Dynamics and Management

Zifa Deng, Shuqing An, Zhongsheng Wang, Changfang Zhou and Yingbiao Zhi

Chapter 2 Current Trends in Invasive Ascidian Research

Stephan G. Bullard and Mary R. Carman

Chapter 3 Prevention: A Proactive Approach to the Control of Invasive Plants in Wildlands

Kirk W. Davies and Dustin D. Johnson

Chapter 4 Characterizing Field-Level Hyperspectral Measurements for Identifying Wetland Invasive Plant Species

Nathan M. Torbick, Brian L. Becker, Jiaguo Qi and David P. Lusch

Chapter 5 Impacts of Alien Invasive Plants on Soil and Ecosystem Processes in Belgium: Lessons from a Multispecies Approach

Nicolas Dassonville, Sonia Vanderhoeven, Sylvie Domken, Pierre Meerts and Lydie Chapuis-Lardy vii

Chapter 6 Effects of Nitrogen Form on the Growth and Physiological

Responses of an Invasive Aquatic Plant Eichhornia Crassipes 133

Weiguo Li and Jianbo Wang

Chapter 7 Invasiveness of Species Useful as Warm-Season Pasture Legumes in the Southeastern United States 145

W.D. Pitman

Chapter 8 Invasive Swimming Crabs: Development of Eradicating Trapping

Gear and Methods 161

Miguel Vazquez Archdale

Chapter 9 "Species Pollution" in Florida: A Cross-Section of Invasive

Vertebrate Issues and Management Responses 179

Richard Engeman, Bernice Constantin, Scott Hardin, Henry Smith and Walter E. Meshaka, Jr.

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