Fig. 8. The dynamical lifetime for small particles in the Kuiper belt derived from 4 billion year integrations [38]. Each particle is represented by a narrow vertical strip of color, the center of which is located at the particle's initial eccentricity and semi-major axis (the initial orbital inclination for all objects was 1°). The color of each strip represents the dynamical lifetime of the particle. Strips colored yellow represent objects that survive for the length of the integration, 4 x 109 years. Dark regions are particularly unstable on short timescales. For reference, the locations of the important Neptune mean-motion resonances are shown in blue and two curves of constant perihelion distance, q, are shown in red. The (a, e) elements of the Kuiper belt objects with well-determined orbits are also shown as green dots. Large dots are for i < 4°, small dots otherwise

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