Amateur Organizations

Today in this hobby and science of astronomy, and especially in planetary observing, we are blessed with a number of very good, accessible amateur organizations that cultivate amateurs and provide a place for them to learn and share their observations. Many organizations have web sites with practice aids, discussion groups, and leaders available to help the beginner launch an observational career, whether the career is intended to be casual or serious. Information regarding various organizations will be provided in Chap. 9 of this book. You should not fail to explore these organizations. There are also many astronomy societies and clubs and you may be fortunate to find one in your locale. Joining a club and visiting with its members provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about all aspects of astronomy. I have always found club members more than willing to share their special knowledge with the beginner.

Surprisingly, there are many amateur organizations that are eager to receive the data and observations collected by careful amateurs. Many of these organizations also have training programs that will help the novice who wants to become more serious about his science. The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers, the British Astronomical Association, and other organizations in Europe and the Orient

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