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O tc Z o all provide venues for the amateur to contribute and publish his work. These organizations, although composed of amateurs, maintain high standards of work. The reputation of these amateur organizations is as valuable to them as the professional community's is to it. And knowing this, professionals often turn to these amateur organizations for assistance. During a recent Jupiter apparition, professional astronomers called upon the amateur community to conduct world wide, round the clock imaging of Jupiter during opposition, so that a complete record of Jupiter's physical appearance could be made. This mission was very successful, and united the amateur and professional communities like nothing else could.

Amateur organizations maintain their own publications, and seek to publish on a regular schedule. Almost any amateur who does good science can submit his work. The A.L.P.O. publishes the Journal of the Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers The Strolling Astronomer on a quarterly basis. The BAA and other organizations have similar publications. The work of these organizations is impressive and very professional.

Serious amateur organizations take great pride in what they do and zealously guard their reputations. These amateur organizations are typically membership organizations whose members do not participate in astronomy as a way of making a living, but rather participate for the love of the hobby and science. Yet, they want their work to be taken seriously and strive for the highest possible standards in their observations and data. The standards must be high if their work is to amount to anything. Although there are many high quality organizations around the world, I am most familiar with two of them, the British Astronomical Association (BAA) and the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (A.L.P.O.).

The contact information for the BAA is: British Astronomical association Burlington House London UK

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