Fig. 4.1. A simplified model of the vertical structure of Jupiter's atmosphere, demonstrating how temperature and pressure vary with height. (Adapted from Rogers 1995.) [89].

On Earth, the lowest atmospheric layer is the troposphere, and so it is with Jupiter. On Jupiter, the troposphere extends from some low level to an altitude corresponding to the lowest temperature in Jupiter's atmosphere. This point is referred to as the tropopause; that is, the altitude at which the troposphere stops. Beyond the tropopause is the stratosphere. So, the tropopause is the boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere. The tropopause is also described as the layer at which temperature stops decreasing. From the tropopause the temperature again rises into the stratosphere. So, at the tropopause, a temperature inversion occurs. Temperature increases with altitude above the tropopause. The next boundary layer is the stratopause. According to Amy Simon-Miller, "the stratopause occurs when the temperature stops increasing and begins to decrease

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