Section I of this book will discuss much of what we already know about Jupiter, and will hopefully provide a good grounding in the planet in preparation for C Sect. II. Section II will discuss in some detail how to observe the planet, record

O data in a meaningful way, and report it. There is so much about Jupiter to know y and understand. My own lifetime journey through this learning process has been a most enjoyable experience. I hope you enjoy yours. Every night can be a new O adventure!

John W. McAnally

Assistant Coordinator for Transit Timings Jupiter Section

Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers 2124 Wooded Acres Waco, Texas 76710 [email protected]

Section I

Chapter 1

Telescopes Mastery

Telescopes Mastery

Through this ebook, you are going to learn what you will need to know all about the telescopes that can provide a fun and rewarding hobby for you and your family!

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