D. Parker Coral Gables, FL seeing good: 7-6 Trans: 5

15 July 2006 01:26 44 UT

16-in Newt 'a f-22 SKVnyn 2-0 camera Aslronornik RGB filters RRCB Mips

CM1=322 3 CM2=89 2 CM3=247 2

Fig. 3.13. A webcam image of Jupiter on July 16, 2006. Note once again a bright rift running through the NEB. A distinctly reddened south temperate oval BA is in conjunction with the GRS. The EZ is very disturbed and the festoons on the NEBs are very prominent. The NTB and NNTB have still not returned. South is up. (Credit: Donald C. Parker).

the southern edge of the NEB during 2006, and these projections were quite prominent. Unlike some apparitions, these projections often formed beautiful festoons trailing off into the EZ. The bases of most of these festoons were broad and dark, easily seen visually.

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