The Jet Streams

Jupiter's jet streams are not too dissimilar to the jet streams on Earth. Both are fast moving currents. However, the jet streams on Jupiter appear to be more stable in latitudinal position that Earth's jet stream, which can vary in latitudinal position by a significant distance. Jupiter also has many more jet streams than Earth. These jet streams create some of the most exciting phenomenon in Jupiter's atmosphere. Certainly, over the years I have enjoyed watching the fast changing positions of features in these jet streams.

The fastest jet stream on the planet, which resides on the southern edge of the NTBs, was discovered during an outbreak of spots in 1880. Three other rapid currents on the SEBs, STBn, and NNTBs, were discovered during outbreaks in the 1920s. The fifth jet stream to be discovered from Earth, the SSTBn, was observed in 1988 [82].

Our view from Earth is selective, since the jet streams are only detectable during outbreaks. For the five jet streams that have been observed from Earth, latitudes l e et and speeds determined by spacecraft agree with those determined from Earth. The g C

latitudes of the jet streams, except for one, have not changed significantly over the Jfl g —

period of Earth-based observations [83]. There are several other jet streams that q ^

have only been observed from spacecraft. However, for the five detectable from & <D

Earth, amateurs, especially with CCD and webcam imaging, can monitor and e pp t contribute significant drift rate data. ThAof

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