The Use of Photography to Study Jupiter

Every serious observer of Jupiter will eventually be drawn to the fascination of photography and a desire to record the appearance of the planet in a more objective manner. When I was a boy, I imagined the day when I would possess that special 35 mm camera with which I would be able capture the stars and the planets on film. Since then I have done just that, and what I have learned has been somewhat frustrating. I know this must sound surprising and disappointing to those of you who have reached that same, magical stage in your astronomy life, but it is true.

Although film as a recording medium is completely objective, it does have its own shortcomings. It seems the "seeing" we discussed earlier plays havoc with film photography, especially when attempting to capture fine detail in small, planetary features. Older textbooks can be found that show photographs of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars taken with the 5-m (200-in.) Hale Telescope at Mount Palomar on photographic

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