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A college professor I knew, speaking to a group of college students upon the occasion of their graduation, remarked, "Graduates, I have taught you everything you know; but, I have not taught you everything I know! Your work has only begun!"

How true that statement is for all of us. If you are new to observing Jupiter, what you have just read in this book may comprise your total knowledge about the planet. But your learning experience has only just begun. There is so much more to learn and new discoveries are waiting for someone to discover them! I think that is where the fun is; just a few more degrees of rotation, a few more degrees of longitude and new, different, ever changing features wait to be seen and recorded. Tonight, tomorrow night, next week, next month, next year; what does the future hold? Only a practiced observer will be able to discern the changing surface of Jupiter!

The observations of amateurs will continue to be important in maintaining the history of the physical appearance of Jupiter. At present there is no spacecraft in orbit around the planet. The New Horizons Spacecraft took images of Jupiter as it flew past a few months ago on its way out to Pluto, but now it too is beyond the giant planet. So once again only Earth based instruments will be able to keep watch. Now it is up to us.

Whether you observe for fun or seek to make a serious contribution, the pastime of Jupiter watching offers something for everyone. So, get off the couch, grab your telescope and head outside. Your adventure starts at sundown!

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