Numerous people have provided valuable assistance in the writing of this book. My sincere thanks go to Achim Winkler from Zoo Duisburg for providing details of European zoos that either have held, or currently hold, koalas. Chris Hamlin from San Diego Zoo also provided excellent information on institutions in the United States that hold koalas, and on the fodder providers to zoos in both the United States and Europe. Regina Pfistermuller from Zoo Vienna and Sandy Masuo from Los Angeles Zoo were generous in providing details on the koalas in their zoos.

Thanks also to Paul Andrew from Taronga Zoo for his help on the history of Australian koalas travelling to Japan. Michial Farrow from the Adelaide City Council Archives provided the information on the Koala Farm in Adelaide. Thanks to Helen Pantenburg from Taronga Zoo for providing photos of koalas at Taronga Zoo. Greg Gordon provided an excellent photo, some interesting insights into the politics behind the export of koalas, additional references and provided very useful information to various queries that I made. Thanks to Cindy Steensby and Gerry Maynes from the Department of Environment and Heritage in Canberra for their advice on the history of legislation regarding the export of koalas. Ben Moore and William Foley offered much useful information on dietary ecology.

A sincere thank you to Vanessa Di Giglio, for providing both a valuable reference and general encouragement. Many thanks also to Alex Baynes who provided excellent details on the koala fossils from Western Australia. Various referees have also added considerably to content and quality of each of the chapters. Therefore significant thanks are due to Mike Archer, Karen Black, Frank Carrick, William Foley, Greg Gordon, Kath Handasyde, Julien Louys, Dan Lunney, William Meikle, Alistair Melzer, Peter Menkhorst, Hugh Possingham, Barry Traill and Achim Winkler. Sincere thanks also to the publisher and staff at Allen and Unwin, including Ian Bowring, Catherine Taylor and Emma Cotter for their help with this project.

Finally I would like to say a wonderful thanks to Kerstin, Olivia and James for helping me enormously and keeping me entertained.

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