I would like to thank the Association Nationale pour la Gestion des Aires Protégées (ANGAP), the Ministère des Eaux et Forêts (MEF), and the Université de Madagascar for permission to conduct research in Madagascar. I would also like to acknowledge the National Science Foundation (BCS-9910257), the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (Grant No. 6414), the Institute of

International Education Fulbright Program, Primate Conservation, Inc., and the University of Texas for support of my research. I am also grateful to the World Wildlife Fund (Antananarivo and Ambalavao), the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE), and Madagascar Institut Pour la Conservation des Environnements Tropicaux (MICET) for permission and logistical assistance for research in southeastern Madagascar. Special thanks to Razafimandimby Sylvain, Rakotoniaiana Jean-Claude, Solo Justin, Telo Albert, Rakotozafy II Joseph, Monja François, Randriatsilanisoa Jean-François, Razafy-Jerome Berthin, Andrianjaka Vaniah, Andrianjazalahatra Tantely, Andriamihaja Benjamin, Patricia Wright, Deborah Overdorff, Yale Wyner, Rob DeSalle, and Claud Bramblett. The insightful comments of the editors and three anonymous reviewers have significantly improved this manuscript.

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