I would like to acknowledge the National Association for the Management of Protected Areas (ANGAP) and the Department of Waters and Forests (DEF) for permission to work at Manombo Special Reserve and the Classified Forest. Thanks to the Malagasy Institute for the Conservation of the Environment Tropical (MICET) and the staff of the Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE) at SUNY Stony Brook and the Durrell Wildlife Conservtion Trust Madagascar. I am grateful to the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Botany of the University of Antananarivo, and in particular to the late Pr. B. Rakotosamimanana and Dr. V. Jeannoda. My thanks also go to Drs. P. Wright, L. Godfrey, W. Jungers, D. Krause, C. Janson, J. Fleagle, J. Ganzhorn, L. Gould, M. Sauther, R. Sussman, S. Lehman, and J. Durbin. I appreciate the help and advice of numerous colleagues, notably S. Zeeve, M. Irwin, K. Samonds, N. Stevens, P. O'Connor, and S. Nash. I gratefully thank L. Balko, H. Simons, F. Kerridge, and N. Vasey. This study would not have been possible without the assistance of Paul Rasabo, F. Razafy, T. Ramarolahy, Lezo, Jean Denis, Tsilefa, E. Louis, E. Larney, R. Zaonarivelo, H. Ramarosandratana, G. Randriatahina, N. Ravololomanana, B. Rakotonirina, R. Lala, H. Rabarison, R. Edmond, J. Burns, J. Ratsirarson, and the late Romule. Special thanks to all of the reviewers for their various comments and excellent advice for improving this article. Funding and support for the project were provided by the Wildlife Trust, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Margot Marsh Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Primate Conservation Inc., the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the Brookfield Zoo.

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