DJO would like to acknowledge the following for facilitating the success of her projects in Madagascar: Pierre Talata, Albert Talata, Benjamin Andriamihaja, Patricia Wright, MICET, ANGAP, ICTE. The National Science Foundation, the Wenner-Gren Foundation, and the University of Texas-Austin generously provided funding for this project. SRT would like to thank Victor, Albert, Nirina, Rokoto, Laingo, Michel, and Samuel. There is no way that this project would have been possible without their dedication, expertise, and friendship. Thanks go to the staff of Centre ValBio, ICTE, MICET, ANGAP, and the Malagasy government for facilitating work in the field, and to Tricia Calhoon, Alex Hall, Damon Waters, and Shannon Randolph for their efforts as research assistants. SRT's study was supported by the NSF Dissertation Improvement Grant #0424234, Primate Conservation, Inc., American Society of Primatologists, and the Conservation International Primate Action Fund. DJO and SRT also thank Lisa Gould for her invitation to write a paper for this volume. Her input along with three anonymous reviewers were most helpful.

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