Funding for research in 1989-1991 was provided from: National Science Foundation grant BNS-8722340, a Fulbright Collaborative Research Grant, Boise Fund, and Sigma Xi. Funding for the 2004 surveys was received from an Emory University Institute for Comparative and International Studies grant, and from a National Geographic Society grant (Lisa Gezon, Glen Green, PI's). I thank the University of Antsiranana, especially Alex Totomaravario of the university's Anglo-American program. Thanks also go to the helpful Antsiranana, Joffre-Ville, and Bobakilandy bureaus of ANGAP, and especially Monsieur Rene, ANGAP's lead APN for Mt. d'Ambre. Finally, I am indebted to the local Malagasy people who helped me, including Louis-Phillippe, Solo Albert, Theogen, and the myriad of folks in small towns throughout northern Madagascar.

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