"These figures are from disparate sources and may not be internally consistent. For example, Irwin et al., (2005) found a higher population size for P. edwardsi than the earlier estimate of Mittermeier et al., (1994); hopefully further studies will increase the estimated population size of P. cand id us and P. diadema.

'Abbreviations: NP, National Park; RNI, Integral Nature Reserve; SR, Special Reserve. ' Following IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, www.redlist.org, accessed 9 September 2005.

"'References: 1, Mittermeier et al., (1994); 2, Banks et al., (in press); 3, Vargas et al., (2002); 4, Goodman and Ganzhorn (2004); 5, Irwin (unpublished); data); 6. Irwin et al., (2005).

'' P. perrieri was previously found at Ankarana Special Reserve, west of Analamera (Hawkins et al., 1990); more recent surveys (Banks et al., in press) failed to locate sifakas at Ankarana, suggesting they have been extirpated.

'"No study has expressly measured this taxon's altitudinal range; Banks (personal communication) recorded P. perrieri census sightings between 56 and 249 m, but as Analamera Special Reserve has an altitudinal range of-0-750 m, the true range for this taxon could be higher.

Table 2. Relative contributions of different plant parts (measured as percentage of overall feeding time) to the diet of eastern sifakas. Because of strong seasonal variation in diet, only long-term (> 1 year) studies are included

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