Hadropithecus spp., 44, 51-53

Hadropithecus stenognathus, 45 Hapalemurgriseus alaotrensis, 137 Hapalemur griseus griseus, 142, 145 Hapalemur spp., 9, 72, 78-79 activity patterns of, 374-375 bamboo species consumed by, 371 conservation status of, 377-378 diets of, 373-374 extant taxa of, 370 habitats of, 372-373 Hapalemur aureus, 34, 393 Hapalemur griseus, 414 Hapalemur simus, 76, 144 and infant development, 377-376 ranging pattern of, 375-376 reproduction in, 377 social interaction of, 376-377 Hematodendronglabrum (plant),

359-361 Henri Perrier de la Bathie, 26 Herpesvirus hominis (virus), 434 Hibernation, see Cheirogaleus medius Hippopotamuses, pygmy, 5 History of Madagascar (book), 25 Hoanghonius, 10

Humbertia madagascariensis (plant), 412 Hurricanes, 403-404 Hyperdisease, 424

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