Figure 3. Seasonal variations of body mass in adult male and female Cheirogaleus medius of Kirindy forest. Given are mean and SD; data are pooled over the whole study period; body mass of each individual was included maximally once per month of a certain year.

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ONDJ F M A M time the onset of hibernation (Fietz and Dausmann, 2003). The effects of such energy expenditure on winter survival and future fecundity are so far unknown. Nevertheless, in Kirindy forest C. medius exhibit a biannual fluctuation of reproduction, which is synchronized within the population (Fietz, 1999b). Factors causing such fluctuations remain speculative, but resource depletion during one reproductive year might reduce reproductive activity in the following year. This assumption fails to explain why nonreproductive years are synchronized on a population level, but higher survival rates of offspring due to density-dependent advantages are conceivable.

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