Table 2. Plant species consumed by mouse lemur species—Cont'd.

M. murinus

M. ravelobensis

M. rufus group

Phyllanthus sp.11 Pourpartia sylvatica8 Rhopalocarpus similis 8,11 Rothmania reiniformis8 Sapium melanostricum11 Terminalia bovinii 2 Terminalia mantaliopsis2


Nectar Canthium sp.9

Evonymus pleurostyloides5 Karomia microcalix8 Flowers Brexia madagascariensis6 Vaccinium emirnense6

Leaves Uapaca sp.6

Karomia microcalix8

Cabucala erythrocarpa13 Combretum coccineum13 Maillardia occidentalis14 Mangifera indica13 Tarrena sp.13

Cabucala erythrocarpa13,14 Canthium barorum14 Cedrolopsis grevei13,14 Combretum obscurum13

Eugenia sp.14 Grangeria poposa13 Maillardia occidentalis14 Malleastrum gracile13 Mammea punctata13 Mapoutria berizokae13 Molinae retusa13 Monanthotaxis valida13 Protorhus ditimena14 Rourea orientalis13

Rubus roridus6

Tina striata13

I Atsalis, 1999a; 2Genin, 2003; 3Sussman, 1978; 4 Ganzhorn, 1988; 5Hladik et al., 1980; 6 Martin, 1972; 7 Martin, 1973; 8 Radespiel et al., 2006; 9 Schmelting, 2000; 10 Lutermann, 2001;

II Rahelinirina, 2002; 12 Reimann, 2002; 13Weidt, 2001; 14Hagenah, 2001.

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