Focal Lepilemur female L2f

100 200m

Figure 10. Home ranges with range centers (harmonic mean) in consecutive years for the focal Lepilemur male (1994-97) and female (1995-97). Differences in size are mostly due to differences in observation intensity. Ranges overlap across years for both sexes and intersexually, and range centers are close together.

that they conform with the notion of uniform pairs, in the terminology of van Schaik and Kappeler (2003). They define uniform pairs as breeding units in which more than 90% of units have a single breeding female. L. edwardsi lived in dispersed family groups. Whether L. edwardsi also conforms to the definition of uniform pairs or lives—in the terminology of van Schaik and Kappeler (2003)—in variable pairs (less than 90% of units with single breeding females) remains unknown at the time and needs further investigation. However, all the following comparisons refer

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