Figure 2. Schematic representations of the three cathemeral modes during austral summer and austral winter. (A, B) Mode A (n = 2) combines data from Ampijoroa (16°19'S; 46°49'E) and Anjamena (16°03'S; 45°55'E). (C, D) Mode B (n = 4) combines data from Ampijoroa, Kirindy (20°03'S; 45°55'E), Sainte Luce (24°45'S; 47°11'E), and Pointe Saziley, Mayotte (12°58'S; 45°11'E). (E, F) Mode C (n =1) shows data from Andreba (17°38'S; 48°31'E). Gray areas indicate time periods before sunrise and after sunset, the times of which were taken for each location for the summer and winter solstices on December 21 and June 21, respectively, and averaged (Curtis and Rasmussen, 2002).

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