Figure 4. Night length and length of active time for focal animals over an entire year.

rank correlation, n =12, r =0.63, p =0.028), indicating that they react overall in a comparable way to changing night length.

Activity Budget (Appendix A-IV to A-VI). The activity budget was measured by means of the categories rest, feed, move, groom (self-groom, partner groom). Avahi spends significantly more time feeding than Lepilemur (m, f) and Lepilemur male L1m and female L2f separately (Kruskal-Wallis test, nA1m=nL1m=nL2f=12, p <0.005; Dunn post-hoc test, p <0.05, Figure 5) whereas there is no significant difference within Lepilemur male and female (Dunn post-hoc test, p>0.05). There are no significant differences with regard to time moving (Kruskal-Wallis test, p >>0.05). Resting is significantly different between Avahi and the Lepilemur male L1m, but not between Avahi and Lepilemur (m, f) together nor between Lepilemur male L1m and female L2f. No statistically significant interspecific difference is indicated with regard to grooming (including self-grooming and partner grooming) nor the categories separately, self-grooming and partner grooming, respectively.

Activity Budget: Category "Feed"

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