Morphology And Locomotion Pelage

All brown lemur populations demonstrate sexual dichromatism and sex-specific patterns in facial hypertrichy (ear tufting, ruffs, and collars), although sex differences in pelage are less marked in E. f. fulvus (Tattersall, 1982; Shedd and Macedonia, 1991; Mittermeier et al., 1994). In E. fulvus, differences among males across taxa are typically greater than among females; males are readily distinguished by head and facial markings, color, and tufting patterns (see Mittermeier et al., 1994; Rowe, 1996). E. albocollaris differ from closely related

E. collaris mainly in beard color: E. collaris males have reddish-orange collars while E. albocollaris males have their namesake white collars. Females of these taxa are largely indistinguishable.

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