Being among the largest of living lemurs, eastern sifakas suffer lower overall predation pressure relative to most lemurs. However, predation by the fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox) is ubiquitous, having been recorded for P. edwardsi (Wright et al., 1997), P. diadema at Mantadia (Powzyk, 1997) and Tsinjoarivo (Irwin and Raharison, in preparation), P. candidus (Patel, 2005), P. perrieri (Mayor and Lehman, 1999), and P. tattersalli (Goodman, 2003). The fossa is the largest Malagasy carnivore, at 6.75 kg (Hawkins, 2003); despite being only slightly larger than adult eastern sifakas, it seems adept at taking both young and adults. No successful predation by birds on eastern sifakas has been recorded (Goodman, 2003), but the presence of antipreda-tor responses indicates that several raptors are considered a threat (Karpanty and Grella, 2001).

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