Quebec Madagascar Minerals (QMM), 36 R

Randrianasolo, Georges, 27 Ranomafana National Park, 237

lemur species in, 387 Rara, see Haematodendronglabrum Ravenala madagascariensis (tree), 163,

374, 412, 418 Red-bellied lemurs, social interaction behavioral study of data collection of, 238-239 group compositions for, 239 pair-bonded groups, 245 pair-bond formation, 245-246 pair-bond maintenance, 246-247 result analysis: agonism, 243-245,

248-250 result analysis: grooming behavior,

240-241,246-247 result analysis: group composition,

239-240 result analysis: nearest neighbor patterns, 240, 246-247 result analysis: scent-marking, 242-243, 247

study groups, 238 study site, 237-238

Red ruffed lemur background, 277-278 behavioral variations in, 298-300 body size, 278

daily travel patterns of, 292-293 diet of, 278 females of, 297

infant development patterns of,

296-297 lactation period, 288, 296-297 reproduction in, 278, 295 seasonal and annual home ranges of, 290 social structure and ranging behavior analysis, 295-300; see also Red ruffed lemur, social structure and ranging behavior analysis study Red ruffed lemur, social structure and ranging behavior analysis study data analysis, 283 data collection of, 281-283 result analysis: communal home range area, 284-285 result analysis: individual home range areas, 289-292 result analysis: individual travel patterns and intracommunity spacing, 285-289,292-294 result analysis: size and age-sex composition, 282-284 study population, 281 study site, 279-280 Remunius, 10 Reserves Int├ęgrales, 25 Rhesus macaque, 277 Rhinarium, 7 Ricochetal leaping, 354 Rift Valley fever, 425 Ring-tailed lemurs density, 259-262

diet and feeding behavior, 263-266 future research, 268-270 geographic range and habitat variability,

256-259 group fission, 262-263 group stability, 262-263 and health of gallery forests, 268 home range size, in different habitats, 259-262

Ring-tailed lemurs ( Continued) life history variables of, 266-268 social organization of, 262-263

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