Internet Resources

The Internet provides a great wealth of information on terraforming and future space colonization. Among the more useful websites are the following.

Solar System and Space Exploration

The eight planets— planets.html

Planetary photo journal— index.html

Earth fact sheet—

sheet/earthfact.html Moon and Mars missions—

mars/index.html Planetary Science Institute— The Planetary Society— National Space Society— British Interplanetary Society—http://www.bis-spaceflight.

com/HomePage.htm British National Space Center— The Mars Society—


Terraformers Society of Canada— Space Frontiers Foundation— Resources page by Martyn Fogg—http://www.users.globalnet.

Terraforming simulator for Mars—http://www.users.globalnet. Terraforming—Autopoiesis— alt_cosmos/

Asteroid Search and Collision Avoidance

B612 Foundation— The Spaceguard Foundation—

~marsden/SGF/ Near Earth Object Program; current impact risk—http://neo.jpl.

NEO Space Mission Preparation (ESA)—

SPECIALS/NEO/index.html The Torino Impact Hazard Scale— torino_scale.html


The Astrobiology web— NASA astrobiology— The Goddard Center for astrobiology—http:// Astrobiology journal— Astrobiology magazine— The Society for Life in Space (SOLIS)—

Gaia/Global Warming/Human Population/Global Issues

Essays by James Lovelock— page0.html

Essays by Sir Crispin Tickell— Global warming—

World Population Clock— popclk.html

Earth's carrying capacity—

Carrying_capacity Global Issues—

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