It was argued in the Introduction and Chapter 5 that in the future the vast majority of humans will live within domed cities that are integrated into a biosphere where crops can be grown and water resources exist. The extreme of this Martian domed living concept resides in the Worldhouse10 idea described by Richard Taylor (London University). Under the principle of creating deliberately restricted ecospheric environments (DREE), Taylor suggests that the entire Martian surface might be covered by a transparent dome reaching to perhaps a few kilometers in height. Under this dome, it is envisioned that a breathable atmosphere will be produced and an active, interacting, and diverse biosphere developed. Taylor suggests that either a modular or a global approach can be taken to generating a DREE. The initial phase might, for example, consist of the construction of multiple domed cities at key mineral resource sites on Mars. Each city boundary might then be added to as the Martian population and economy growth rate allows. The World-house idea can, in principle, be extended to any planetary body, and it represents the perfection and technological evolution of pioneering projects such as the Biosphere 2 experiments (see Figure 2.3) carried out in the early 1990 s.

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