surface area of this sphere is 4nr = 484 cm . Now divide this 1,000 cm3 of water into four equal parcels of 250 cm3 each. Each parcel will have a radius of 3.91 cm and a surface area of 191 cm2. All four will have a combined surface area of 4 x 191 cm2 = 767 cm2, roughly 60 percent greater than the surface area of the single, larger sphere.

you want to know how high above the water table a soil's matric forces will draw a column of water. Just to simplify the calculation, let us suppose the matric potential of the soil is —100 kPa. A parcel of water will rise to the height where the gravity potential pulling it down is matched by the matric potential sucking it up. In equation form:

If we set the reference height, ho, to be the height of the water table, the height we want to find is:

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